Case study

Capitalize: Bringing Further Utility Into The Cryptocurrency Space

Cryptocurrency is an already volatile industry, which means that it’s very risky and complicated to invest in it. Growing your cryptocurrency through investing is even more so, with the plethora of crypto scams that exist currently. Furthermore, more and more people are interested in seeing new ways in which digital currency can be used in ways that are more available and safe in our day-to-day lives.

Case study


This project began broadly: find a way that allows people to interact with and invest in decentralized currency without many of the risks currently associated with it.

Narrowing my scope was important to hit the pain points with more precision. This meant going out and doing research as well as interviews with ten people who are either interested or involved in the cryptocurrency space as investors. I made a particular point to ask questions about any hesitations that did or had existed that kept them from investing in certain ways as well as their usual habits with digital currency currently. In doing so, I found that despite cryptocurrency being one of the fastest-growing markets in the past decade, there are still a lot of apprehensions– particularly with investments made in the newly budding web3 and NFT spaces.

With this information, the direction of the product would become clear, in part inspired by the surprising volatility of cryptocurrency investing options.

 Instead of looking for a new way in which people could invest their money, it was found that looking towards tradition was the better step to take. Many of the people interviewed mentioned that they also traded stocks with fiat currencies, which narrowed down my focus towards marrying the traditional and familiar investment form of stock trading with crypto.

Case study


People are always looking to find new ways to both grow their cryptocurrency and find ways in which they can do so which are safe and accessible.
With these new insights, I would make a list of all the necessary features for an investment app keeping in mind the unique functions that would be pivotal for use with cryptocurrency. After doing so, I would create a user flow.

Case study


Capitalize is a platform that allows you to invest your cryptocurrency in a familiar way: through traditional stock trading. This design finally unites two markets with heavy crossover in a way that will feel recognizable to the user. Providing a safe method of investing using digital currency, Capitalize provides more risk-averse investors a means in which to grow their money securely.
Play with some of the features in this high-fidelity prototype, linked here.